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"la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences

"la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences

Objectives of the prize

The aim of the "la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences is to advance analysis and debate on the transformations that contemporary society faces. This could relate to social, environmental, technological and health related challenges, or a combination of these.

Through this competition, "la Caixa" will reward studies of proven scientific and academic quality.

Manuscripts should be around 145.000 characters (spaces included). Footnotes, tables and graphics, and bibliography will be included in this count.

The prize is 15,000 Euros and includes the publication of the winning study.

The jury’s decision will be communicated by email to all candidates on 30 June 2015.


Primary consideration will be given to studies within the following research frameworks:

  • Social change and the life course

    Studies regarding the analysis of social change in certain life stages or related to principal life transitions in family contexts.

  • Social cohesion

    Studies that analyse social exclusion and its determinants, as well as its manifestations in poverty, isolation, marginalization and violence.

  • Education and citizenship

    Studies aimed at the analysis of the role of formal and informal education in the formation of citizenry and in civic, political and associative participation, as well as in the building of competencies for active citizenship.

  • Health and quality of life

    Studies related to public health, quality of life, the welfare of individuals and populations, the prevention of illness and improving the health care system.

  • Information Society

    Studies that analyze the social impact in the public and private spheres of information and communication technologies (ICT), access to ICT or their new uses and applications.

  • Urban planning, the environment and sustainable development

    Studies related to the social dimension of sustainable development and the interrelationships between the environment, ecological crisis and the production and use of resources.

  • Globalization, poverty and social exclusion

    Studies that analyze, with an international approach, the impact on poverty and inequality derived from globalization and the growing socioeconomic interdependencies.

Call for applications 2014. Presentation of studies

The deadline for the entry of works will be 31 March 2015.

Entry must be through e-mail: